It’s Been a Long Year!

MGCC Tour Party to Brighton  

2020 will not go down as a stellar year for Cricket and as the year comes to a close, we are still guessing as to what will happen come next May?  We do know that we shall be playing in the Cherwell League, Division 5A, along with some old faces and new, but whether we will get started on time or not is still subject to Coronavirus. 

Despite the March Lockdown taking us through to July,  the Mighty Gibbon managed to get half a Season of matches in (winning half), rekindle the Tour bug (sorry Brighton!), and host an inaugural President’s Day Celebration in honour of the late, great, Horace Leonard.     

At the recent Annual General Meeting a number of changes were carried but the general ethos remains unaltered.  A special Thank you to Skipper Joe Leonard who stood down after 2 years at the helm.  Cousin Stuart will take up the reins (and try to control us!)

The Committee remains pretty much the same with Chairman Needham, Secretary Joe Leonard, Treasurer Timms, supported by Midweek Captain Tom Leonard,  Welfare Grant Cross, Originals Captain Leonard, with supporting Committee members. 

We look forward to the dawning of a new era following the OCA’s absorption into the Cherwell League and new game formats, match rules and competition structure, not to mention the dreaded Duckworth Lewis Stern method for rain affected games!

Stay tuned for more details on the fixtures schedule in the New Year, along with the exciting opportunity to participate in the next round of the MGCC Bonus Ball fund raiser.   Despite the loss of funds due to Covid last Summer, we do just about have enough money in the bank, but enhancements to the facilities will require more reddies before the Spring.

And mark the August Bank Holiday Weekend in your calendar now – as the President’s Day Match shall return. More than 50 current and ex-players and families were down The Recreation Ground to (socially-distance) play, or cheer on Chairman Kyle’s Elect to victory over Captain Joe’s Conscripts in a tense game which went right down to the 13th wicket!        

Also, you have GOT to save a few days holiday for the next thrilling instalment of “Gibbons On Tour” The question is, which peaceful seaside resort will suffer this time around?