What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a Marshian?

It has been a long lockdown winter, but something uplifting and inspiring is coming over the horizon – The Cricket Season – and if BJ is good to his word and we all get a jab and keep to ourselves a little while longer, The Mighty Gibbon will be back in the Middle at the start of May!

Many things will be starting afresh;  New league as we join the Cherwell, new format as we play 50 over win/lose and 100 over win/lose/draw cricket for the first time, new opponents and grounds to visit, new Skipper with Stu’y tossing, and hopefully bolstered by some new players that we look forward to welcoming.   

Some things will remain the same though: Crouchy running into the wind, Joe taking a single off the last ball, Borsky playing a forward defensive, Jules telling Cubby to ‘get-it-in!” Crabby farting in the slips, Stu glaring after a leg side delivery (from JJ!), Foxy having a look at the bowling – for 2 balls, Rodders not bothering to have a look, Scotty, Beardie, Shippo(s) starring in one game and then retiring till the next season, Guns making friends with the umpire, Vik claiming to be a batter but taking more wickets than scoring runs,  Al waiting for his family to arrive before hitting anything, Webby frightening the Oppo turning up in his pikey van, Costa on the boundary with a bottle of red, Willo carrying the most expensive Willow, Samb….(careful!) Richardson being on call……and Kyle winning the Bowling Cup!   


Of course everyone is now well into their pre-season conditioning and getting toned for the onslaught.  I’ve certainly made a good start on my ‘Beers of the World’ subscription anyway.

Outdoor Netting starts down the ground on Sunday 4th April at 10.30am and will continue each Sunday until start of the season. Additionally there shall be a Thursday evening Net starting at 6pm.  Get there if you can as every minute spent here will pay you back in May!

Finally, we continue to need financing for equipment and this season we will be replacing the Sightscreen slats for shiny bright new ones, amongst other things, so when Mikey contacts you about the Bonus Ball please reply promptly so it can start promptly from the beginning of April.

Cheers to another Great Summer at The Gibbon!