Bonus Ball

The Bonus Ball is an important on-going fund raiser for the club.

It is very simple and based upon the main National Lottery “Lotto” draw each Saturday.  The Bonus Ball is drawn and the winner of our lottery is the person with that number. If your number is the National Lottery Bonus Ball on Saturday you win £30 – it’s as simple as that! And you could win week after week after week!!

The 2021 Bonus Ball Started on 1st May and runs for 20 weeks. You can still join after the date if numbers remain available..  Simply email the Contacts address above.  Or Contact Mikey Timms to participate.

Winners will be posted – but simply follow the National Lottery to see if your number comes out and you know that £30 in crisp bank notes are on the way!! (Well, will be transferred to your bank account.)




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