Player Profiles

2017 Originals Squad Player Profiles in Debut Order:

Julian Chambers aka JAY-Z is a classy batsman whose elegant technique and stroking of the ball has been a joy to watch for many years.  Seemingly never ages is one of the Originals originals!  Solid hands in standard fielding position at Mid-off  Jay-Z assists the younger inexperienced players with quiet calm advice.   Debut 1987, Player number 1, Appearances 424 ; Batter / Bowler – 6575 runs 1×100 & 23×50’s, Average 17.4 High score 108*.  With Ball; 325 wickets at 17.1 Economy of 3.4 and best of 6-70 & 7×5 wicket games.

Grant Cross aka THE CRAB due to his peculiar sidestep walk/run approach to the stumps.  A canny bowler uses the adage of “you miss son and I’ll hit!” to great effect.  Also a hard hitting lower order batter with the propensity to club the ball over the fence, including of late shots on the offside too!  Our primary Fines Master and father of Alfie, MGCC Club Mascot who always brings comedy to Saturdays, effortlessly!    Debut 1987, Player number 12, Appearances 333 : Bowler – 456 wickets at 17.2 runs per wicket and economy of 2.9  Best of 6-27 & 7×5 wicket games.  With the Bat: 2258 runs at 13.9 Highest of 67 &3×50’s.

Stuart Leonard  aka Dave / Gloves due to his skill with the mitts on.  Renowned in the OCA as a top gloveman and represented the club in OCA Rep Game. Specialises in the art of leg side stumping and gets plenty of practice!   Known to carry the team on his broad shoulders from his favoured birth at 4.   Debut 1991, Player number 37, Appearances 351 : Gloves/Batter – 6008 runs, 2×100’s & 22×50’s, Average 21.1 High score 111.

Carl Needham aka JACKAL (Carlos the), SILVER FOX and most recently KYLE as named by Alfie!  MGCC opening bowler and loves a new swinging cherry as much as he likes to bowl ‘No Balls!’  Wise old campaigner and leading club wicket taker, known to spend large amounts of time tending the hallowed Marsh turf and muttering about thatch, moss and worm casts!  – Debut 1992, Player number 40, Appearances 358 : Bowler – 510 wickets at 16.9 runs per wicket and economy of 3.2  Best of 9-24 and 12×5 wicket games.  With Bat: 4741 runs at 19.7, 14×50’s and best of 81.

Steven Turner – aka ANTHEA (Obviously) is a skiddy seamer and excellent athlete in the field with fast reflexes which earns him the right to stand closest to the batter facing!  Also a damaging middle order batty who is not afraid of the odd reverse sweep – to anything!    Debut 2003, Player number 66, Appearances 119 : Bowler – 144 wickets at 20.4 and economy of 3.6. Best 5-40. With Bat: 712 runs at 9.2, Best of 49.

Nathan Callow aka CROUCHY due to his footballer likeness. Crouchy is a tall opening bowler who hits the deck hard in the channel of uncertainty.  A feat he mastered in the Telegraph Cup with his MOM bowling performance. Will he work out which end of the bat to hold in 2017?   Debut 2004, Player number 72, Appearances 107, Bowler – 118 wickets at 22.5 and economy of 3.8 Best of 5-27 2×5 wicket games. With Bat: 535 runs at 8.1 Best of 38*

Sathya Vadivale aka SATNAV due to inability to get anywhere on time and for turning up at Hendred when we were 30 miles away at Home!  Always plays with a smile on his face whether stroking the ball to the fence or tossing up invisible off breaks full of F&G.  Resident Bollywood star who owns dance floor with his rhythm and soon to be doing married man gyrations!    Debut 2005, Player number 74, Appearances 133, Batty Bowler – 1848 runs at 16.1 Highest score 87 and 8×50’s. With Ball: 111 wickets at 16.8 economy of 3.8 and best of 6-28 with 3×5 wicket games.

Joseph Leonard aka CUBBY or BOYC’S due to his singular focus in the opening spot (especially from the 6th ball of the over).  Has bags of potential and tells us all about it regularly. Indeed loves to be out in the middle for hours and is intent on scoring some runs this year as well!  A bit of a tweaker with ball in hand and effective partnership breaker.   Debut 2008, Player number 84, Appearances 98 : Batter – 2234 runs at 26.3. High score of 120 with 2×100’s & 11×50’s.  With the Ball: 30 wickets at 13.7  Economy of 4.7 Best of 5-22.

Michael Timms – Originals Skipper, aka TIMDOG is a swing bowler always seeking that troublesome line and length for the batter.  Top fielder with bullet arm from near or far.  Manages to organise the team and get 11 out (most) weeks!  We’re looking for an improved tossing game from him this year.    Debut 2008, Player number 87, Appearances 69 :  Bowler – 247 overs, 48 wickets at 21.2 runs, economy rate 4.1  Best 3-29.  With the Bat: 258 runs at 8.3 average.

Tom Leonard – aka GUNS due to his rock physique and rolled up sleeves.  One of MGCC’s young’uns busting with potential. Is an angry bowler who likes a bit of self abuse at the end of his run: kicking up turf and pulling at his flop of hair.  Always keen to dive around in the field with biceps exposed!   Debut 2010, Player number 92, Appearances 78 : Bowler – 43 wickets at 22.5 with economy of 5.1. Best 4-12.  With the Bat: 334 runs at 7.4 Highest of 28.

Sam Richardson – aka SAMBOY (with silent Y) is another one of Gibbon’s youthful elite.  Burly left handed batter who strikes the ball cleanly, and sometimes not directly into the fielder!  Also a canny right arm bowler who is just starting to pick up the art and hit the gloves.   Debut 2012, Player number 109, Appearances 35 : Batty Bowler – 256 runs at 9.1 Highest 50.  With the Ball: 10 wickets at 24.9 and economy of 4.7 Best 3-46.

Charlie Shipperley – aka GREGORY / SHIPPO is a quality All-Rounder who exudes a calm and casual approach to all things.  Tries to fit in a few games to intersperse his social events with the Oxon hoi-polloi.  Talented leftie who pounces on anything short (cricket and dance floor!) and has a tricky left spinning arm too.  Resident one-line comic who entertains the troops whilst Boyc’s bores us all for the first 44 overs of our innings!   Debut 2012, Player number 106, Appearances 20,  Batty Bowler –   327 runs at 17.2  Highest of 64.  With the Ball – 10 wickets at 22.4  Best of 3-26.

Luke Fox – aka FOXY / LOFTY due to his wily 6′ 3″ stature!   Full of potential to be an MGCC opening bowler.  Early days for the lad who likes a bit of cheeky team banter, but we expect to see much more from him.  Debut 2012, Player number 110, Appearances 17 : Bowler – 19 overs, more to come!

Will Honour aka SPUD as he did not realise that potatoes need cooking before eating!  One more of the Young Guns with a solid opening technique.  Has coped with being in the firing line for a couple of years and now coming to terms with the task ‘up top’.  Going to have a lucrative Summer at the crease, but needs to pipe down a bit!   Whilst Old Man Honour carries out his role as Club Photographer!    Debut 2013, Player number 111, Appearances 36 : Batter – 189 runs at 7.6. Highest 35.

James Scott – aka SCOTTY (go figure!)  is another casual as you like characters with a very positive attitude to run scoring.  Only a handful of appearance to date but already his first half century.  More to come we hope.  Debut 2015.  Player Number 120.  Appearances 5.

2016 debutants: Jacob Chambers, Rob Scott, Sebastian Fox, Kieran Freshwater, Callum Cross, Ian Gregory.