MGCC & Covid-19

Well it is all change at the moment with increasing restrictions being sensibly requested by the Government and our Health Officials.  The Cricket Season will not start on time at a professional, amateur, or village standard.   We standby waiting for news on when we might commence matches in any capacity, but that will not be anytime soon.

However, all is not lost at MGCC! 

Ground preparations continue so that when the season does eventually start (hopefully in 2020!) we shall be ready to host matches immediately. After all, I’ve got to get out of being isolated with Mrs N for any longer than necessary!

The good news is that the artificial track and portable Net is being prepared for use by the start of April. From a Risk Assessment perspective, this pitch is situated in the middle of a field and can be used by people without the need to get close, consequently it will be available for Club Members to get valuable outside time, exercise and practice.  Do not share equipment and take hand sanitizer to ensure safety.  Though we do have to ban the over 70’s from using (sorry, Tacky!) 

We shall not be running any organised Nets for large numbers of players to attend (as if we ever get large numbers!), but the facility will be available to be used ad hoc as and when you wish and need.  But please keep off the grass area of the Square or I’ll be after you!

We have the Club Whatsapp groups and it is suggested that you continue to communicate through this method, with regular abusive comments and wind-ups on your team mates!

Of course, if the Government layers further restrictions on any outside activity, we shall have to respect that in the interest of everyone’s health.

Chairman Kyle.