Restrictions lifting…..Maybe, just maybe, there may be cricket ahead?

Since the last web post only 2 months ago (below), we have got used to a new way of living – without Cricket.  With the exception of enjoyable TV reruns of us quoshing the old enemy (Come on: Beefy, Willis RIP, Freddie and Stokesy!)   

Already this year, we should have gone far far away and hosted Hampden, and with 2 wins under our belts would be having this week off for Club Day. Unfortunately that was not to be as the virus has us keeping our distance still. 

BUT…..light is appearing, perhaps for the end of the Summer, as the ECB has now decreed that outside Net Practice can be done as long as the standard Social Distancing and safety precautions are taken.

The MGCC Artificial and Net are in situ and available for use.  I will shortly have Track 8 set up for real grass practice as well.  It will be great to get bat on ball again (or ball on stump if Joe’s batting!) 

Here are the Rules for the use of the Cricket Artificial & Square:

  • Use the MGCC Group Whatsapp to announce the day/time that you will be using the artificial such that you can use in accord with the social distancing and limited numbers at one time. Simply let everyone know the time slot you will be there and if a slot is taken by someone do not go down at this time.  First reserved on Whatsapp has priority. 
  • Only use with members of your lockdown group, plus one other person. 
  • Do not share equipment, bat, gloves, helmet, pads – box!  And if sharing cricket balls, do not get sweat or saliva on the ball.
  • Avoid going on the rest of the Square. This is still being prepared such that we can host games as soon as restrictions are lifted.
  • The Bowling Machine will be available for use, but is locked in the pavilion. If you need the machine let one of us with the keys know and if possible we will make arrangements for you to use.      
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after practice. Bring this with you as there is no water available at the ground.
  • It might be hot, so make sure you continue to do as you would have before lockdown, and have liquids to rehydrate – do not share of course.   
  • At all times – Use Common Sense and Be Alert!

Fingers crossed – it’s coming home!

Chairman Kyle