2013 Final Fantasy League – Individual and Team Tables

Sathya Takes The Crown!

A top scoring all round performance from Sat meant not even Chairman Carlos could catch him.  In fact he scored almost double the number of points of his nearest rival with 4,043 for the season.  2nd was the Chairman (2,353) and 3rd came the Vicar (2,089).

Skipper was 4th on 1,982 followed by Timdog 1,705 and in 6th place was Guns Leonard with a very creditable  1,687.  The rest were as follows:

Crouchie 1426.  Farmer 1295.  Wilbur (with wickets!) 1018.   Geestmeister 854 (injury suppressed).  The Headmaster  723.  Screeno  459.  New Boy 425.  Sambo 265.  Your Honour 120.  Foxy 80.


When it comes to the Teams….

Sat Nav topped again (hardly surprising with that huge score) and was followed by the rest in descending order:

Vicar, Guns, Foxy, Skipper, Hockey Girl, Crouch, Chairman, Wilbur, Chandra, Sambo, Screeno, Geest, Athis, Amy, Cubby, New Boy, Rooney.


 ….And so much deliberation will now take place as the Points are to be decided for 2014!