Bonus Ball – time to settle up and start again!

OK you lot as well as a very important cricket match tomorrow, oh and a barbeque, there’s the small issue of the last Bonus Ball of this round being called and a NEW ONE STARTING the following Saturday!

Westy will be seeking confirmation that you’ll be in it to win next time, collecting unpaid monies for this past round and for the new one as well!

So shake out your piggy banks you lot and get ready to cough up the dosh

The money is going to a great cause – keeping the cricket club running.   If we can sell all the 49 balls we get almost £1,000 in and we only have to pay out £500!  So you can see how this can benefit the club – your club!

This first round not all the balls were “sold” (guys the definition of selling usually involves an exchange of money!!) but we’ll still clear around £350.  I know we can do better next time.

Remember the club rule – it’s up to each player to “sell” and get the money for 3 balls.  Here’s the current list – next time – no pay upfront – no pay out if the ball you want wins (seems fair to me 🙂 – harsh but fair,  bit like Timmo umpiring 🙂

1 Matt Mead
2 Will Honour
3 Tom Leonard
4 Sat Vadivale
5 Grant Cross
6 Richard Cross
7 Nathan Callow
8 Lola Leonard
9 Mark Leonard
10 Emma Seward
11 Joe Leonard
12 Bethany Chambers
13 Jaz Needham
14 Athis Vadivale
15 Neil Honour
16 Nicky Mead
17 Duke Leonard
18 Bob Summers
19 Vicky Cross
20 Tilly Leonard
21 Donna Leonard
23 Jaime West
24 Saffi Needham
25 Michael Timms
26 Shippo
27 Amy Callow
28 Margaret Yardley
29 Jacob Chambers
30 Martha Leonard
31 Carole Stainton
33 Luke Fox
34 Bill Mead
35 Stuart Leonard
37 Neil Honour
38 Paul West
39 Gez Riley
40 Maisie Leonard
41 Ella West
42 Dheepika Vadivale
43 Issy Honour
44 Horace Leonard
45 Dave Clarke
47 Tracey Timms
48 Barry Timms
49 Cameron Wakelin

So let us know if you’re in! Or want to join the lucky ones like Duke Leonard – beers on you Duke!  Cash (prefered), cheques and Direct Debits are all acceptable – well not the last one…!

Is Timms Taking Total Control?

Well I’ve heard it said that the skipper is taking control but things are really beginning to get completely out of hand….1st team skipper, mid-week vice (retired), up for treasurer and now he’s won the Bonus Ball – not only does that make the Timms family the luckiest of the lot, you really do wonder what’s going to happen next – will he clone himself – is he really a cyborg sent back from the future (well have you ever seen him and the Terminator in the same room together – no I thought not)!?!?


Anyway congrats to Mikey and also to Saffi Needham who won this week’s draw!

Week 16 Bonus Ball 25 – Mikey Timms

Week 17 Bonus Ball 24 – Saffi Needham

Followers of the Bonus Ball will realise that there are only a few weeks left to grab your balls for the round – oo’er Matron!  Demand is expected to be heavy – gracious me even young Mr Turner has verbally committed to participating – whatever next?  Sat turns up on time?  Match reports get posted sooner rather than later…?

Bonus Ball oldies but goldies

Before I receive any ageist hate mail I would say that I would classify myself in this group!!

So our 2 most recent winners are….

Bob Summers 09-May Bonus Ball#18
Duke Leonard 16-May Bonus Ball#17

We hadn’t managed to collect the money from Bob so if someone wants to  slip him a £5 in the Dog next time they see him I’ll sub them later.

As for Duke – paid up like a good’un so he needs us to pay him 25 sovs!!  Suggestion is that Joe as he is in need of paying the banker (me!!) plenty of dosh if he pays Duke then he can take that off the bill – and anyway in contradiction of what Bazza would tell you I don’t like caravans!!

Could I also take this opportunity to comment on the lack of match reports…..gentlemen, and you too Satya pull your socks up!!

Bonus Ball – unrequited to the nth degree?

Now dear readers this is a bonus ball update but it also has a moral about unrequited love – the worst kind!

For those of you of a romantic nature (or you haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about – shame on you!) take a listen to this track from the great Loudon Wainwright III…. “Unrequited to the nth degree” – BTW it is a humorous song 🙂

The key words are “I’ll be dead but you can bet I’ll get you back” and I’m sure that’s exactly what Emma will be thinking… why didn’t Timmo pay for my Bonus Ball entry….?  Worse she can see that both Barry and Tracey have now own – oh shame on the new Capt!!!

Actually to be fair she does get a fiver!  Let’s hope Mikey does too!!

There is of course an alternative viewpoint and that’s it was merely a devious plot by Carlos to make sure all the bonus balls were taken last year  – and that Timmo knew nothing!!

You choose dear readers!

Week WINNERS Date Bonus Ball
10 Emma Seward 18-Apr 10
11 Tracey Timms 25-Apr 47
12 Free 02-May 36

Anyway the Bonus Ball Bank says thank you very much – more money to us 🙂

Oh and the moral?  As that other orange man (Dale Winton!) says – you’ve gotta (pay to) be in it to win it…!

Bonus Ball – and we have a repeat winner!

We’ll get to that shortly but first let’s run through the most recent winners.

  • Week 5 – March 21st – bonus ball #30 – the lucky winner is Martha Leonard!
  • Week 6 – March 28th – bonus ball #8 – Mr Barry Timms!!

Cash will be paid out at tomorrow’s committee meeting – so you better be there Stu and Timmo!

  • Week 7 – it’s no April Fool (it was the 4th!) – bonus ball #43 – Izzy Honour wins AGAIN, luckily that’s another £25 I don’t need to collect 🙂
  • Week 8 – April 11th – bonus ball #19 – Vicky Cross – so that’s £25 less you owe Tef!!

Remember, you’ve gotta be init to win it! Numbers 22, 36 and 46 are FREE.  And they haven’t won yet so now’s the time to jump in…’ve only got yourselves to blame!!


Bonus Ball Update – the sequel!

OK you lot here’s the latest update on the Bonus Ball and I’m delighted to say that the past 2 weeks have seen proper winners – yippee (now if only I can get Euromillions to come up on Tuesday I’d be one happy bunny!!  Anyway back to the real world!

Week 4’s lucky winner was Carole Stainton and the Jackal informs me that Carole’s involvement is down to our treasurer so all Tef needs to do is pay me the £60 this year minus a £5 (as Carole hasn’t paid either) and give Carole the £5! Sweet!

Also good to see that Dave Clarke has won  – even better news for Joe as it’s Donna’s Dad and that means rather than collect Dave’s money all Joe has to do is collect the other monies owed (on his list of things to do if he’s recovered from his birthday yesterday – happy birthday mate!) and then pay Dave a £5!

Week WINNERS Date Number
1 Free 14-Feb 22
2 Free 21-Feb 36
3 Issy Honour 28-Feb 43
4 Carole Stainton 07-Mar 31
5 Dave Clarke 14-Mar 45


Given tonight’s Lotto Jackpot is only £4million you might as well grab one of the free numbers – you stand more chance of winning!  22, 32, 36, 46 are free

A couple of messages for the troops:

  • Timmo I’ve the dosh for you, your mum and dad but it seems you wife to be is a player (I mean that in the sense of being part of this bonus ball) I’m not making any other aspertions!!  She’s got Ball number 10!
  • Oh and I see that Stevie T is still maintaining radio silence – somebody give him a poke will ya!
  • Crouchie we still need da dosh for you and Amy!!

Anyhow you lot here’s the current list of Bonus Ball players:

  Paid?   Win?
1 Yes Matt Mead
2 Will Honour
3 Tom Leonard
4 Sat Vadivale
5 Yes Grant Cross
6 Rich Cross
7 Nathan Callow
8 Yes Lola Leonard
9 Mark Leonard
10 Emma Seward
11 Joe Leonard
12 Bethany Chambers
13 Yes Jaz Needham
14 Athis Vadivale
15 Neil Honour
16 Yes Nicky Mead
17 Yes Duke Leonard
18 Bob Summers
19 Vicky Cross
20 Yes Tilly Leonard
21 Donna Leonard
22 WON
23 Yes Jaime West
24 Yes Saffi Needham
25 Yes Michael Timms  
26 Yes Shippo
27 Amy Callow
28 Yes Margaret Yardley
29 Jacob Chambers
30 Martha Leonard
31 Carole Stainton WON
33 Yes Luke Fox
34 Yes Bill Mead
35 Yes Stuart Leonard
36 WON
37 Neil Honour
38 Yes Paul West
39 Yes Gez Riley
40 Yes Maisie Leonard
41 Yes Ella West
42 Dheepika Vadivale
43 Issy Honour WON
44 Yes Horace Leonard
45 Dave Clarke WON
47 Yes Tracey Timms
48 Yes Barry Timms
49 Cameron Wakelin

Bonus Ball update!

Evening sports fans!  Another 2 weeks have passed and we can announce the latest winners:

Saturday 21 st February – the bonus ball was #36.

  • Thankfully due to Carlos’ HR strategy that was a free number so the club thanks him very much indeed!!

Saturday 28th February – the bonus ball was #43.

  • And we finally have a winner!  #43 ‘s proud owner is Issy Honour (I bet her Dad paid really!).  So £25 is due to that nice man Will – however he hasn’t yet paid for his other numbers so we’ll keep that safe for him!

Subject to sorting a few things out with Herr Needham we will be in a position to publish the numbers and their owners in the next couple of days – but there are free numbers available RIGHT NOW!

If you want in – and remember you’ve gotta be in it to win it!  Numbers 22, 36 and 46 are FREE.

OK so who hasn’t committed yet – Stevie T are you listening?  When our esteemed secretary Mr Matthew Mead gets round to sending out the club members contacts I’ll be in a position to finalise the list of who’s in and who’s going to get even more begging letters, emails, texts, tweets and facebook posts – you have been warned!!

Valentine’s Day Bonus Ball winner is….

Well after all the waiting, the Dryathlon in January the Bonus Ball is back!! And the first winner of this round is……

Number 22

Which is an unpaid Bonus Ball number so the committee says thank you very much everybody and better luck next time!

So in summary the view from number 22 is:



and the view of the committee is:


OK people same time next week!

Stevie T – you’ve gotta be in it to win it!  That could’ve been you!  Money please young man!!




Bonus Ball is back soon!!!

keep-calm-and-bonus-ball-1OK people the January Dryathlon is over and you’ve all received you first post-Christmas pay packet so it’s time for the Bonus Ball to return!

The first draw of 2015 will be on Valentine’s Day – how romantic is that!?!

Remember what it’s all about!  It’s about helping to fund the club and keeping down the cost of playing.  So we really hope that all of you who were part of the last Bonus Ball will be taking part again.  If not, you know the deal – each player is responsible for “selling” 3 bonus balls…….!

I’ll put the last list online in the next day or so and hopefully Big Dave will have recovered enough from his post Dryathlon festivities that he’ll give me your txt numbers so watch out for further “messages of encouragement” shortly.

To avoid such “joys” is simple – just email/text/phone your confirmation/drop money in brown envelopes through the door to Westy and all will be well!  Oh and don’t worry I’ll be posting this on Facebook as well – so there’s no excuses!!!

Autumn Bonus Ball underway with first Winner!

The MGCC Bonus Ball restarted for the Autumn Season on Saturday 16th August and will run for 20 weeks until the last Saturday of the year on 27th December.   As you know this is our prime fund raiser and success with this helps to keep costs for playing as low as possible.  Each week it costs just £1 per number and if your number is the National Lottery ‘Lotto’ Bonus Ball drawn, then you win £25!

That means each week we raise £24 for the Club.  When you consider it costs £90 each match day; for umpires, balls and teas, not including our ground rates and cost of equipment and ground maintenance, you can see why we need to actively raise funds.    This Season we provided; Full branded ‘blue’ training kit for all fully paid up members (thanks to SadikaVale Ltd’s sponsorship), plus winter nets, professional spring coaching for the younger fraternity, a new Bowling machine and have invested heavily in equipment upkeep. (F*@#ing Roller!!)

All you are asked to do is sell up to 3 Bonus Ball numbers to your family, friends, or even yourself!   Each ball costs £20 (that’s £1 per week for 20 weeks) and so just £20 could win you £500* (- though highly unlikely!) better than putting money in property!

 (*MGCC Bonus Ball is not regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, or any other reputable financial service!)

To focus YOUR attention, I have used the Winter Bonus Ball numbers as the basis for each Player……Where you see your name = Your number to sell on or buy for yourself!    Some have got lucky and have more numbers and others miss out with less, but if you want more numbers just let me know and I’ll work it out for you!   There are still some free and some of you don’t have any from last time and so now is the time to come forward!!


The Temporary Numbers and Corresponding Player Owners (who need to buy or find buyers) for each number are as shown below:

1-Frankie, 2-Spud, 3-Guns, 4-SatNav, 5-Crab, 6-Teflon, 7-Crouch, 8-Skipper, 9-Freddie, 10-Pidge, 11-International, 12-Farmer, 13-Chairman, 14-SatNav (Athis!), 15-Spud, 16-Frankie, 17-Guns (Duke), 18-International, 19-Teflon, 20-Bazza, 21-Freddie, 22-International, 23-Westy, 24-Chairman, 25-Pidge, 26-Geest, 27-Crouchy, 28-FREE!, 29-Farmer, 30-Bazza, 31-FREE!, 32-Spud, 33-Foxy (Luke), 34-Frankie, 35-Skipper, 36-Chairman, 37-Foxy (Seb), 38-Westy, 39-Chairman, 40-Bazza, 41-Westy, 42-SatNav, 43-Spud, 44-Guns, 45-FREE!, 46-Chairman, 47-Pidge, 48-Pidge, 49-Rooney