Annual General Meeting Report

The 39th AGM of MGCC was held on Thursday 7th November at MG Village Hall and attended by 16 members.

A quorum was declared by the Secretary and apologies for Absence accepted.

The Chairman gave his annual address to the members and stated the 3 Pillars for the club: Governance, Performance and Membership were all in good order and he has complete confidence for the future of the club.  Governance is the management of all club aspects off the field of play, inclusive of the executive committee and others who provide help to run the club.  The financial standing is sound and well led, with the club’s responsibilities to its member associations:- OCA, OCB, Bucks League,  all respected.   Performance is all matters on the field of play and the Club Captains have led their teams fastidiously. Midweek winning the league, tougher times for Saturday team being disappointingly relegated but setting in place foundations for future success.    Membership is the social spirit and inclusion. In essence everything that makes teams into a Club.  From the spectators, families, openness to new players and spirit of play.  A growth in committed players, in particular youngsters was a pleasing result in 2013 and the Club will continue to focus on bringing in new young players with an ambition to begin a Saturday 2nd XI based around them as soon a s practicable.

Several ‘Thank You’ messages were delivered: Sadika Vale Ltd for Sponsorship, The Bonus Ball patrons, Umpires, Ground staff, Tea Ladies, and retiring committee.

The Minutes from 2012 AGM were circulated, read and approved as accurate and committed to record with no matters arising.

The Treasurer presented the annual financial report, concluding that the club has £1451 at hand doubling last years balance due t o an annual surplus of £786.  The accounts were accepted by the meeting.   Income came from fund raising (Race Night, Bonus Ball), Sponsorship, Subscriptions and match fees. Expenditure was controlled tightly with only 2 major cost items of Sports Club rent and insurance.  (The remainder of the 2012 rent to be settled in Spring).  The Treasurer is pleased with the financial position and is optimistic, but added fundraising remains essential.

The Officers resigned their post in accordance with rules, and the election of Officers for 2014 was made.  The Officers elected are as follows: Chairman – Carl Needham,   Secretary – Mathew Mead,   Treasurer – Richard Cross,  Originals Captain – Stuart Leonard,  Midweek Captain – Michael Timms,    Groundsman – Barry Leonard,    Fundraiser – Paul West.   Additional positions are to be made by Committee during the year as required.

Other roles within the Club agreed, but not on the executive are: Umpires Secretary – Barry Timms,  Child Welfare – Grant Cross

The Sports Club Representatives shall be:  Richard Cross and Michael Timms

There were no constitutional amendments and the clubs continuance in the OCA and Bucks Midweek leagues for the season 2014 was confirmed.

The OCA has advised that all Umpires officiating in more than 4 matches need to be CRB Cleared.  It was confirmed that the Club Umpires both have current certificates and others assisting will not do more than 4 matches and so no action is required .  Again, the Captain offered the gratitude of the players to the Umpires, who mostly stand in Div. 1 matches due to their skill and recognition from the OCA.

The Grounds man reported all regarding the playing area is in good order and no further equipment is needed.

Annual Subscriptions were discussed and changed for the new season following an elected proposal made in the meeting.  Adult Fees shall be £50.  Juniors (U18) shall be £25.  Midweek Only £15 (All).  Saturday Match Fees are to be £10 Adult, £7 Junior.   Midweek to be £3 for all.

Pre-season Nets were approved for a minimum of 4 weeks and the charge for each session shall be £3 per player.

Sadika Vale Ltd. kindly offered to sponsor the club for the coming year and shall be discussing with the Committee the provision of new match shirts and training kit for the players.  The new kit to be organised for the start of the season, details to be worked out at Committee over the winter.

Fundraising remains essential and the Bonus Ball was scheduled to start on 9th November.  Most numbers were sold post meeting.   The new Fundraising secretary will support the club and look into future events and schemes.

A Tour was suggested and is to be investigated for the New Forest area through contact at a club in the area. To be over a weekend at the end of April.

Saturday Tea money was raised in line with rising costs of ingredients, to £50.

There being no other motions the meeting closed at 9.25pm


A full extract of the AGM will be available (for members) from the Secretary, after approval at the Committee meeting in December.  Please contact Matt.






Bonus Ball – Winter 2014


It’s not bigger, It’s not smarter, It’s not even complicated.  It’s EXACTLY THE SAME AS BEFORE!   MGCC Bonus Ball began on Saturday 9th November and runs until 15th March 2014, with a £1 entry each week having the chance of winning £25.  If your number is the main Lotto number on Saturdays draw – you win – it is as simple as that!

The Entrants are:  1 – Matt, 2 – Will Honour, 3- Tommy, 4 – Sat, 5 – NewBoy, 6 – Tef, 7 – Crouch, 8 – Lola, 9 – Freddie, 10 – Emma, 11 – Cubby, 12 – Bethany, 13 – Jaz, 14 – Athis, 15 – Neil Honour, 16 – Nicky, 17 – Duke, 18 – Bobby, 19 – Vicky, 20 – Linda, 21 – Donna, 22 – Derek, 23 – Jamie, 24 – Saffi, 25 – Mikey, 26 –  Guesty,  27 – Amy, 28 – Margaret, 29 – Jacob, 30 – Martha, 31 – Carole, 32 – Vanessa, 33 – Lukey,  34 – Bill, 35 – Big Dave, 36 – Russell, 37 – Ryan, 38 – Westy, 39 – Gez,  40 – Maisie, 41 – Ella West,  42 – Dheepika, 43 – Issy Honour,  44 – Horace, 45 – Dave, 46 – Catherine,  47 – Tracey,  48 – Barry T, 49 – Wako!..….AND THE WINNERS SO FAR ARE:

Jaz Needham.   16th Nov….38 -Paul West   23rd Nov…15 -Neil Honour  30th Nov…15-Neil Honour (Again!), 7th Dec….25-Mikey Timms 14th Dec…8-Lola Leonard,  21st Dec…17-Duke Leonard,  24th Dec..49- Ian Wakelin,  4th Jan 8-Lola Leonard,  11th Jan. 24-Saffi Needham, 18th Jan. 33-Luke Fox.  25th Jan.  11-Joe Leonard,  1st Feb. 29-Jacob Chambers.  8th Feb. 4-Sat Vadivale.  15th Feb. 27-Amy Callow.  22nd Feb. 33-Luke Fox.  1st Mar.  45 – Dave Clarke.


What A Way To End It All!

The Summer of 2013 officially ended on Saturday 28th September with the MGCC Presentation Dinner!

Hearty thanks go to “The AZIZ Restaurant” and “Bar Aroma”, of Oxford, for hosting us all in such great style and Sathya’s amazing organisational efforts. (we were all amazed!)   It was sure to be an eventful night when it began with the newlyweds having sex on the beach and so it proved to be.

Due to everyone enjoying our Private Function area and cocktails in Bar Aroma we started the meal late and missed the Chairman’s opening address…which included our toast to “Absent Friends,” so here they are:

Our Honorary Life President – Horace Leonard.   Our ‘ex-pat’ Tacky Tyler (still fighting extradition from Cyprus). Our Umpires: Barry and Fred (top points scorers!) and on a serious note; our good friend Chris, who left us this Summer. We were delighted to welcome Paul.

There were a number of very important ‘Thank Yous’ to all those that give so generously of their time and/or money in order to keep everything running smoothly:

Sadika Vale Ltd, for their generous sponsorship

Our Bonus Ball Patrons (new series to start very soon!)

The Players’ Wives and Girlfriends, who let us out on a Saturday afternoon.

Groundsman Bazza – who gives so generously to prepare the wicket and everything else.

Sports Ground / Pavilion Team – Nick and Steve for manicuring the outfield all year.

Umpires – Barry and Fred for giving up 16 Saturdays so we don’t have to!

…and the unrivalled, unsurpassable, sublime ladies that taught Mary Berry all she knows….our TEA LADIES : Debbie, Elaine, Amy, Tracy, Mrs V, Donna, Sally, Kim and Trina.

The two Captains; Stuart and Nathan, provided their view of the season and presented the player awards, including the medals for WINNING THE MIDWEEK LEAGUE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 80 YEARS!

Following a fantastic meal the MGCC Wisden was distributed and those with unquenched thirsts returned to Bar Aroma for more libation – who knows what became of them?  But let’s hope they are sober by the time next Summer comes around.

Cheers to All.

The Jackal.





2013 Final Fantasy League – Individual and Team Tables

Sathya Takes The Crown!

A top scoring all round performance from Sat meant not even Chairman Carlos could catch him.  In fact he scored almost double the number of points of his nearest rival with 4,043 for the season.  2nd was the Chairman (2,353) and 3rd came the Vicar (2,089).

Skipper was 4th on 1,982 followed by Timdog 1,705 and in 6th place was Guns Leonard with a very creditable  1,687.  The rest were as follows:

Crouchie 1426.  Farmer 1295.  Wilbur (with wickets!) 1018.   Geestmeister 854 (injury suppressed).  The Headmaster  723.  Screeno  459.  New Boy 425.  Sambo 265.  Your Honour 120.  Foxy 80.


When it comes to the Teams….

Sat Nav topped again (hardly surprising with that huge score) and was followed by the rest in descending order:

Vicar, Guns, Foxy, Skipper, Hockey Girl, Crouch, Chairman, Wilbur, Chandra, Sambo, Screeno, Geest, Athis, Amy, Cubby, New Boy, Rooney.


 ….And so much deliberation will now take place as the Points are to be decided for 2014!