The King is Dead. Long Live the King!

Big Stu stood down as Club Captain at the end of the 2018 Season and left a sizeable gap requiring very broad shoulders!   Everyone thanks Stuart for his additional year as Captain and leading the boys to a secure finish and second year in Division One.

Naturally, Stu will continue with his mitts in the gloves next year and will be wielding his willow aiming to reach and surpass 7,000 runs for The Originals. 

And so the King has to pass on the Crown to his successor. 

The Committee has great pleasure in keeping it within the Leonard Clan and appointed Joe Leonard to lead the team this Summer.  

Joe was Stuart’s ‘captain of vice’ last year and in his 3 stand-in games won each time to demonstrate his growing knowledge and confidence with decision-making on the field – where it matters. 

Like Stuart, Joe is determined to lead from the front through his own performances with the willow and build on his 3 centuries and 18 Half centuries so far.  Achieving a half century on average in every 6th innings for The Originals got him noticed in 2018 and selected for the OCA Representative side, though he’ll have no time for that kind of hobnobbing this year!

As a 10 year servant of the Club, Joe knows his Squad and the underlying ability within.  He said “When we put a team in the field from our core Squad we are always in with a shout against anyone.  If we could just improve Saturday availability by just one or two games each player, we would then have that added consistency to make silverware a reality.”

Similarly, he is keen to strengthen the core with some new clubmen and said, “I am confident of bringing at least two new faces to strengthen us for the new campaign and will be welcoming them down to The Recreation Ground for pre-season Nets.”               

We wish Joe success and I call on us all to check our new 2019 calendars and mark those Saturdays, from May to September, when you WILL be making yourself available ahead of other plans.

Yours, Chairman Kyle.