Crucial weekend……

The Originals enjoyed a double winning weekend with victory over league leaders Chesterton on Saturday, backed up by a Telegraph cup quarter-final win on Sunday at Westcott.

With rain predicted, the newly purchased cover sheet (JEWSONS!) for the occasion did it’s job in order for the Saturdays home game to take place, with the match reduced to 30 overs. Stu won the toss and inserted the opposition. Carlos and Stevie continued their recent excellent work up front with the ball, with the silver fox taking the first wicket to get the ball rolling, well taken by Jules who continues to rack up the fantasy points with his catching exploits this term……another big 50 points! With tight bowling throughout, including ‘spin & sing’ twins Joe & Satty and some good catching (and some unfortunate drops……….GRANT CROSS!), Marsh restricted Chesterton to 86-9.

Despite the mammoth quantity of team sweets on offer, rolled over from the last few weeks, the boys tucked into Mrs V’s delightful tea, with the samosas and spicy chicken a particular favourite…….whilst tales of Tommy Leonard’s exploits from the previous weekend were still lingering around with talk of possible disciplinary proceedings from the Marsh Gibbon Cricket Board (aka the chairman’s better half!).

Satty and Joe took to going about knocking them off, with the opposition clearly pumped up… was tough going for a while as the boys showed the great mental strength up top, and in Satty’s case a nasty hand injury to boot! Joe went for a battling 9 (sadly Tim wasn’t there to watch), before Sammy, with a really mature 11no and man of the match Satty (40) set up victory by 8 wickets with 3 overs to spare.

The pig was fed considerably with double fines carried over….Tommy obviously heavily fined for generally being an angry lightweight……nibble, along with Jules and new bloke Grantie for their afternoon juggling exploits……which Stevie carried on into the evening!

With a few hangovers from the village wedding and Needy refreshed from his Saturday evening of stimulating bath salts and candles, the boys were still reeling from Neil’s unreasonable request the previous evening……..clearly associating with Needham is no longer a viable option in such surroundings! Chips anyone?! Gibbon made the short trip down the A41 to Westcott for a big cup game……with 4 regulars unavailable, a youthful Gibbon side, with some exceptions of course looked to secure the clubs first semi-on for a good few years!

Having lost the toss, Marsh were inserted to bat, as the returning ‘captain of vice’ Matty joined Joe to open up, but when Joe went for a quacker to the first ball of the second over, it wasn’t the greatest of starts. With Matt watchful and looking to hit when the bad one came long, Sammy again showed a some good shot selection at the other end, before Matt was out for a battling 10 bringing Stu to the wicket. Sammy and Stu looked to rebuild, fresh with new willow, looking to bore the opposition to death, as much like the Fringford game, Gibbon backed their ability and give themselves a chance in the last 10 overs with wickets in hand. Stu went on to get 60, Stevie again produced a hard-hitting 33 and a valuable partnership between Crouchy and Tommy, which included some quick running, with the youngsters cardiovascular capacity returning following his recent disease! Gibbon were happy with their total of 176 against some tight and consistent bowling, before retiring for a nice tea in pleasant surroundings.

With the boys looking lively and a nice professional warm-up in the bag, Carlos and Stevie again toiled hard up top, running in hard, despite a great effort the previous day. Ex-Gibbon player Lewis Jeacock was first to go as Tommy took a good catch off Stevie to get the boys going. With a fast outfield and good batting wicket, things weren’t straightforward early on, especially with the fielding restrictions. Carlos picked up one and Steve three as Gibbon took control with some good ground fielding, especially from the ever impressive youngsters Will, Cameron and Luke who continue to do great things for the team, with their enthusiasm and skill in the field and with the bat when the chance arises. These guys really are the future of the club and it’s great to see this developing week on week, as well as their contribution to the clubs fantastic team spirit which continues to thrive.

Crouch again bowled well to take two wickets, along with Tom who produced a lovely two wicket spell which include a great catch from Luke who plucked a ‘worldy’ out the skies at mid-off. Joe, with his tweed suit on order finished the job by taking the last wicket to seal a semi-final date with Witney Swifts on Sunday 20th July. We must dig out those blazers for the occasion Satty??

A great effort by everyone this weekend to make it four wins in four and especially pleasing to see all the supporters there from the village backing the boys at home and on the road as we look to continue the excellent things happening in the club this term.

Away to Witney Swifts in the league this weekend on Saturday with 13 to pick from and competition for places hotting up…….let’s make sure we keep that shirt when given the opportunity boys!

Keep it going.